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The Story of Future Fusion Online

Future Fusion Online, or call us fu-fu, is an integrated online fashion shop founded by Zizi Zuo in Australia during the extremely challenging time of the global pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. In this period, we have seen countries became isolated, misunderstandings and conflicts between ethnics, collapsing globalisation... We have became more separated but getting united as one is more needed than ever. After all the scenes happened, the idea of establishing a platform for sharing culture and expressing respect emerged.
A fashion shop is where we started. Fashion is the way we celebrate the creativity of mankind and the art of life with no boundaries. We aim to bring you fashion items from independent labels to well-known brands, from all over the world. It is our goal to discover good design that you might have not seen or were hard to find and support creative designers and artists, therefore, we carefully pick our products and sell them at affordable prices.
Our online shop was launched with a few Chinese independent labels as Zizi would like to share the creativity reflects her background. We are planning to get connected with Australian fashion industry and support local designers and artists in a short time. Meanwhile, good design from other countries will also be brought in to enrich our diversity.
In the long run, we are hoping to include vintage culture, swop function and our own sustainable label in the commercial structure.
Behind our name, the wish is a future of fusion, the fusion of creativity and culture, of the old-fashioned and the cutting-edge, of all the differences among us.