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Brand Story - Almond Rocks

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Almond Rocks Lookbook 2020

Collection - Almond Rocks

Photo credits: Almond Rocks


Founded in 2010, Almond Rocks was an experimental brand established by SKA in the UK, his background as a street artist and stenciler whilst studying in the country deepened his ambition to create a label of designer socks upon his unique aesthetics and pioneering ideals. He continued to develop the brand after he returned China and worked for a Chinese high-end fashion brand – JNBY. Almond Rocks aims to make socks “walking art” by bringing in British style, visual art and colour collisions.

After many years of development, Almond Rocks has made a name for itself as an independent designer sock brand in China while bringing in more creative styles in collaboration with other designer brands, artists, celebrities, organizations and film-television industry.

Almond Rocks x M Woods x David Hockney

Almond Rocks x M Woods x David Hockney

(David Hockney mid-calf sock in 2 coloursDavid Hockney tulle ankle sock in 2 colours)

Almond Rocks socks are generally one size, they are highly elastic, comfortable and fit a large range of sizes. The advantage of using combed cotton is that it is more durable than pure cotton, they are less likely to pill and are less prone to shrinkage.

'Be smart, wear Almond Rocks' is their slogan, Almond Rocks intends to attract more attention to finer details and encourage different opinions on fashion. Because trends come and go, the smartest are those who choose their own attitudes.Be smart, wear Almond Rocks.

As a fan of Almond Rocks, I fell in love with their unique styles at first sight because it’s rare to find design which smoothly combines street culture and daily life. The socks are canvas to the designer and street artist, he draws on them as same as painting on walls. You will be confident about wearing them every day and smartly showing your attitude on fashion. However, good looks are just the starter of its attraction, you will be addicted to the comfort and loyal to the quality once put them on.


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Future Fusion Online - Sock Collection (Almond Rocks)



Almond Rocks boxer shorts

Unisex striped boxer shorts underwear in 4 colours


Almond Rocks socks for parents & kids

[For adults & kids] Colour collision ribbed mid-calf sock in 3 colours


Almond Rocks socks

:0 face mid-calf sock in pink


Almond Rocks socks

Blue emoji mid-calf sock in white


Almond Rocks socks

Ice cream mid-calf sock in grey


Almond Rocks socks

Neon ribbed mid-calf sock in 2 colours



Almond Rocks x The Perfect Restaurant (TV show)

Almond Rocks x The Perfect Restaurant (TV show)


Almond Rocks x The Meaning of Travel (TV show)

Almond Rocks x The Meaning of Travel (TV show)

([For adults & kids] Colour collision ribbed mid-calf sock in 3 colours)


Almond Rocks x Studio1till8

Almond Rocks x Studio1till8

(Numbers mid-calf sock in 2 colours)


Almond Rocks x Daidaidaidai

Almond Rocks x Daidaidaidai

( :0 face mid-calf sock in pink)



Almond Rocks @Taobao ifashion

Almond Rocks at Taobao ifashion


Almond Rocks event


Almond Rocks event


Almond Rocks @Different Socks Day

Almond Rocks on Different Socks Day (charity event)


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