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Brand Story - Douwoo

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Douwoo Lookbook 2020

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The designer of Douwoo, Dou, started her career by working at a garment company after completion of fashion design at University in 2006. With a couple of years of exposure in the industry, Dou established her own studio later on and began with making bags. She has not get involved in apparel design until 2013, when the label Douwoo was officially established, and kept bringing forth new ideas until now. The label gained more and more fondness and follows through out the years.

Dou accomplishes works by applying her profound love of traditional cultures, especially Chinese and Japanese, and always acquires inspirations from details of cultural clothing such as tailoring, models and colours. However, the philosophy is to improve and simplify traditional clothing to suit the needs of modern daily life instead of duplicating the past, meanwhile, retain essential temperaments of the cultures.

As a follower of Douwoo for many years, I personally keep a large collection of it for my daily wear. It's not just because of the cultures it comes from, but also for the timelessness contained in the minimalist style. That's why these clothes accompanied me for a long time and never look outdated, they didn't grow out of trends.

Always one-size-fits-all, always in loose styles, pants and skirts alway made with elastic waistbands, never picky on body shapes, mostly made from organic materials, these are the major features of Douwoo's. They bring you the simplest cosiness and purest beauty.

Cotton top and skirt by DouwooShirt and skirt by DouwooCotton top and pants by Douwoo


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