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Brand Story - Hol!day

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It is hard to imagine that the brand Hol!day has been established for only 2 years although they have presented so many impressive and stunning styles. Kruda, the founder and the designer of Hol!day, found herself great interest in fashion since very young. When she realised accounting is not the path her life will step on, she resolutely dropped out the university in her hometown then went to an International college of fashion design in Shanghai, that is where her design talent got enlightened. 

After years of exposure to the diverse lifestyles in the most international city of China along with her further development in fashion industry, Kruda has grown profound love on vintage clothing and retro culture. From music, art, photography then back to fashion, she built up her world of fantasy with inspiration by all sorts of forms from the passed, glaring times. 

Before establishing Hol!day in 2018, Kruda has owned a shop called Dada Vintage. Her creativity and fondness for vintage fashion encouraged her to have her own designer brand. Being inspired by old, classic styles, although she never repeats what already existed, instead, Kruda brought in contemporary aesthetics which formed her unique language. Irregular cropping, fabric collages, striking prints and cunning cut-outs have always been the highlights of Hol!day's.

Being stand-out, being glamorous with a touch of nostalgia, this is exactly what makes Hol!day different.


Brand Story - Hol!day


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